The Top 6 Items to Have in Your Home

The thing about renting or owning a home is that things will break, and the repairs may have to be undertaken by you. As a renter, you of course have the right to call on your landlord for repair, but sometimes it is just simpler to do it yourself. Here are six "must-have" tools in your toolbox. Here are the six essential tools for any toolbox in your home or apartment. Things are what you are forced to repair the quick and easy problems you`ll face during your stay in your home. The following paragraphs will allow you the luxury of knowing what to get, and why you need it. Tools similar to these are easy to find, and you`ll utilize them over and over again.

The first tool necessity is a basic pair of pliers. Be sure to only get what you need, and avoid the bells and whistles of the costlier pairs. You should only spend around six dollars. Pliers are useful for leveling your washer or dryer, tightening nuts or bolts around various appliance, or cabinetry, etc. Next time you`re at the hardware store, just grab a pair and throw them in your toolbox. You`ll be glad you did. The hammer has to be one of the most useful tools you can buy. Most people find a 14 ounce claw hammer to be the handiest. The claw portion can be used to removing nails, especially during the prep time for a big move.

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Trust me; a plunger is one tool that you will be grateful for having. It`s not fun being plunger-less when the unexpected toilet overflows occurs! If you`re a renter sure you can always call the landlord, but do you really want to go through that embarrassment? Plus, you`ll probably be stuck with an overflowing toilet for at least a few hours, or until the maintenance guy can make it to your apartment. Wouldn`t it be easier to have a $3 plunger nearby if you needed it? A pair of screwdrivers one flathead and one Phillips- should be a standard thing in your toolbox from the beginning. You`ll use these screwdrivers for countless jobs around your apartment. Besides buying one of each, you could purchase an all in one screwdriver. The problem is, if you lose a tip, you are out one screwdriver, and how useful is that?

Allen wrenches are the L-shaped tools that are useful for anything having a six sided bolt. Allen wrenches are needed if you want to install shelves, or fix minor electronic devices. Allen wrenches are also used when your garbage disposal is on the fritz. If the motor has seized up, an Allen wrench can be used to free it up.

A portable outlet tester is often disregarded by many, but you'll be pleasantly surprised at it's usefulness. A broken ceiling light may be caused by a defective bulb, or a faulty light switch. How does one determine if it is the light bulb or not? A portable outlet tester can assist you determine the best path for fixing the problem. Just hook it up to the outlet, use the switch, and find where your problem lies.

You'll find yourself needing and using these tools much more often than you think. These tools will also become more vital during the upheaval of moving. These tools, wrapped in a shiny toolbox can be an excellent gift for someone entering into their first real home.

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