Are All Air Conditioners Created Equal?

Did you know that there is more than one system of whole house air conditioning? Air conditioning service and installation must be performed by a professional that understands the many choices presented to homeowners.

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The traditional forced air system. This type of heating and cooling forces the air through the ducts of the furnace system and returns the air through the cold air return. This is usually the system of choice because you need only to install a condenser and evaporator along with a filter system. It uses the blower and filter from the furnace to handle the air. It is the least expensive to install and does a good job.

The high velocity system. This is the system for homes that don't have duct work. Homes that use steam heating will not be able to simply connect an air conditioner to the furnace. We can install the high velocity system by putting in a condenser and setting an air handler. This system utilizes small flexible ducts that are relatively easy to install and can be hidden. The homeowner can choose from many filter systems to purify the air. Air conditioning service calls of this type include filter system inspections.

The mini-split system . This system requires a condenser be installed and include up to six air handlers are placed in the rooms of the house. They are quiet and efficient and much less intrusive than installing ducts or using window units.

Geothermal units . This is the most expensive system to install -however inexpensive to operate. This type of "green" air conditioning service begins with a well. The ground is used to heat or cool the air. The mechanics of this system are basic. The heat of the ground is absorbed and transferred to the house in the winter and the heat from the house is transferred to the ground in the summer . This could be a solution for people concerned with our carbon footprint.

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