Thinking About A New Furnace?

Here are a few furnace options.

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Forced air. The forced air furnace is the most popular choice for a number of reasons. It has reached a very high efficiency rating and in fact the chimney is merely a duct of PVC plastic. The exhaust is cool enough that it no longer needs to be enclosed in masonry. The furnace can easily be adapted to facilitate whole house air conditioning. The air is filtered and the cost of operation is relatively low. The air in the forced air system can be humidified or dehumidified.

The drawbacks include the noise from the blower, the ductwork takes space in the walls, the forced air distributes allergens in the air, the filter needs to be changed and the unit needs to be maintained.

Radiant heat . This furnace type is distributed by pipes in a baseboard heater or in the floor. It is the most even heat and the most natural. The heat source can be from a boiler or any source that heats water. The heat can be from an energy efficient boiler.

The drawbacks are air conditioning duct work is needed along with a separate air conditioning unit.

Hot Water Baseboards. This is quite similar to radiant heat since the heat source is a hot water pipe going through a tube. The water can be heated by gas, oil or electric.

The drawbacks are air conditioning duct work is needed along with a separate air conditioning unit.

Radiators can be one or two pipe systems but they are not ducted. Water or steam is piped in and water is returned to the boiler. This provides an even heat. Radiators are not used very much today.

The drawbacks are air conditioning duct work is needed along with a separate air conditioning unit.

Heating and Cooling Strategies

Replacing a conventional thermostat and then using the new automatic thermostat consistently, an average heating and cooling annual savings could reach $180. Automatic thermostats store information and repeat daily settings without any additional prompting. Other benefits include manual input and the ability to adjust the temperature without changing the preset or weekly program.

Owning energy efficient appliances and adjusting the thermostat will not completely solve the energy puzzle. Appliances are a good place to start and having proper equipment that is maintained regularly will make a big impact on everyday energy costs, however including other elements in your plan will guarantee a positive energy outcome.

Average shower head can dump two and one half gallons of water each minute. In a ten minute shower, a one and three quarter gallon high efficiency shower head would save two thousand seventy three gallons of water per year. This savings includes both water and natural gas bills.

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